About Us

Mission Statement

Petite Scholars Learning Center thrives at providing a safe, affordable and nurturing environment for all children and families of all communities. Petite Scholars provides a home styled, educational and friendly environment where children are encouraged to imagine, learn and explore in their everyday activities.  It is our goal to continuously mentor students and encourage self-motivation through moral, social, emotional and physical support. 

Educational Philosophy

Our educational philosophy is child-centered. Early childhood years are the most formative time in human development. The foundation for self-esteem is laid, and children learn to adapt successfully to the world. We encourage the development of critical thinking skills, creativity, imagination, and self-expression.

Our teachers seek to create an environment for learning. During a typical day, each child spends time in individual and group activities, alternating quiet and active times. There are many kinds of learning:

• Creative expression: art, carpentry, painting, music, and movement
• Social relationships: small and large group activities, and dramatic play
• Communication skills, puppetry, storytelling, and sharing
• Reading readiness: matching sorting, letter recognition, sequencing, writing, and language experience
• Math readiness and conceptual skills: cooking, sorting and sequencing activities, and number games

• Environmental/science awareness: nature walks, pets, and plants

• Motor skills: movement, climbing, rhythm, and dancing

• Field trips and classroom visitors to provide enriching experiences


We Promise...

To create a loving, safe and nurturing environment for your Scholar

To encourage your child with praise and positive words and actions

To challenge your child to try new things

To explore the outside world with your child

To communicate our goals for them effectively

To show them how to be successful in all they do



"I trust all of the teachers and believe they are caring for my children like they are on of their own"

"I love the different types of learning being done from Science to Letters and Tactile Play. The teachers are doing a wonderful job and are always smiling"

"We like the maturity and caring of the staff with the kids. It is  not just a job, they really enjoy what they do. We are really happy with the care, love and structure our child receives at Petite Scholars and we are amazed with all he has learned"


"My dream began with the vision of providing exceptional and personalized Childcare. Petite Scholars Learning Center is where children are nurtured and challenged throughout their development and my promise to you is to never lose focus on the family and your children."

Clayvi Brown